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Kevin Murphy


Repair, renew and restore dry, damaged, frizzy over-processed hair with **REPAIR.ME.RINSE**, our deeply nourishing and strengthening conditioner that helps reconstruct and repair the hair. Packed with a powerhouse of ‘soft-state proteins’ and enzymes, **REPAIR-ME.RINSE** delivers gentle lubrication to the hair, while helping to restore and protect against future damage. **Features & Benefits** A power-packed blend of proteins and enzymesHelps nourish, restore and replenish the hairHelps hair look and feel smoother and strongerEnhances manageability and shineIdeal for all hair types in need of targeted repairSulphate, paraben and cruelty-free**Kevin's Tips** Part of our **REPAIR** regimen, **REPAIR-ME.WASH** and **RINSE** are a must-have duo for intense repair – you can either use them as a hardworking, stand-alone double act to repair and restore frazzled locks or as part of our 3-part system with **RE.STORE**. What excites me about **REPAIR-ME** is the technology, which encapsulates a protein inside an enzyme, which then keeps the protein in a lipid or ‘softened state’. This helps keep the protein soft and wobbly, which allows it to fit within the damage site exactly – a little bit like a key fits inside a lock – the end result from these ‘soft’ proteins is… soft, soothed, repaired hair.